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"This past February I broke my pelvis in 4 places in a ski accident and spent 6 weeks in a recliner so I needed to regain whole body strength, mobility and balance. The whole staff at Needham PT is empathetic, encouraging and always positive which really helps when dealing with a tough recovery. Ryan was professional and knowledgable to work with while identifying exercises to target pain and mobility limitations as I progressed through my recovery. I am happy to say that I have been able to play golf, pickle, walk a 5K and attend concerts this summer thanks to Needham PT."
Aug 11, 2023
"The most professional and patient focused physical therapy practice I have ever experience. Every person in the practice is of exceptional quality. I highly recommend without reservation."
Mar 26, 2023
"Outstanding PT expertise helped me to live better within my recovering injured body. Welcoming non-judgmental atmosphere with well-coordinated team care. Most helpful was ongoing feedback from therapist Ryan Hicks: frequent check-ins during prescribed exercises helped me to progress within a zone of challenge, for most effective exercising positioning, function. This feedback allowed me to optimize the outcome of my neck injury, as I practiced exercises at home in between appointments, and as I progressed to personal home maintenance of the recovery program given. Thank you, thank you, thank you and THANK YOU to therapist Ryan Hicks, DPT, and to the entire team at Needham Physical Therapy!"
Feb 15, 2023
"I had a patella replacement in January and received the best rehab from Norwood/Needham PT! Mike, Andrea, Carol and Ian are top notch! They are knowledgeable, professional and they create a friendly, caring and supportive atmosphere that kept me motivated during the tough 5 months of recovery/rehab. Thanks to them, I am back on the golf course... without a limp! Highly recommend this awesome team!"
Jun 22, 2022
"Mike and the team at NPT are amazing! They have helped me to understand the root of my pain and overcome a shoulder injury that was impeding day to day tasks. They have been treating my teenage son for a wear and tear injury and he is back on the field with zero pain. The atmosphere at NPT is very laid back and friendly. We highly recommend NPT!"
Mar 24, 2021
"Both Mike and Teri helped me recover fully from rotator cuff surgery on my right shoulder. They also helped me overcome a case of plantar fasciitis that preceded that surgery. The entire staff is enjoyable to work with so I actually looked forward to my PT sessions with them. Can’t recommend them highly enough!"
Jan 20, 2021
"From knee replacements to sprained ankles Mike Kane and his team have been there to help our family . The special care he gave my 80 year old mother got her out and about much sooner than we ever thought she would have after her surgery . They care about their patients and make sure you leave NPT better than you came in !"
Jan 20, 2021


‘As I think back to first attending PT and being in so much pain, it’s amazing to see how much improvement I’ve made since then – all because of Teri and her dry needling technique! She truly is a gifted physical therapist and through dry needling and stretching activities, it’s been nothing short of a miracle that my daily health has been returned to me! Teri, Ginny, and the staff are exceptional therapists who genuinely want to see their patients improve to a full quality of life! I’m so grateful my doctor referred me to Teri! She and the other members of NPT provided the most wonderful care to me and I will always be forever grateful! If ever I need to return to PT it’s comforting to know, I’ll be in the best of hands!’

– K.T.

‘Teri’s demeanor was very calming and the process was much easier than I anticipated. She put 13 needles in my calf and ankle. A few felt like a small mosquito bite but most I did not feel at all…The outcome was that my pain level went from a 9 to a 1 in about two hours. It has not come back.’

– M.C.

‘After breaking my ankle in March of this year, having a surgical repair and enduring five weeks with crutches, I showed up for PT with Annie at Norwood PT. I was anxious about rehab because my job as a fitness instructor and yoga teacher took a big hit and I needed to get back to my life. I had lots of one on one time with Annie. She and the entire staff were kind, helpful, and pushed me just enough. I’m happy to say that today, five months later, I just finished a five mile run and could not be more appreciative of everyone at Norwood PT.’


‘My son is lucky to have Barbara as his PT and has benefitted from her knowledge and attention. She knows how to handle an athlete’s injuries. The staff are also quite helpful and the atmosphere is pleasant.’


‘I have been a patient at Norwood Physical Therapy since March 2017 through September 2017, receiving physical therapy treatment for a torn Achilles tendon. Michael Kane, MSPT, the owner of the clinic runs a great physical therapy operation. He and his entire staff have been professional and accommodating…They set me up with the proper exercises and worked with me letting me know if I was not doing them correctly. They also set the tone with friendly conversation asking about family and activities that were part of my life, showing that they care about each patient. I would recommend anyone who has physical therapy needs to look in to receiving therapy at Norwood Physical therapy.’


‘Thank you for your help with my sciatica issue while I travel for the MA/RI State Powerlifting Championship. I’m pleased to report that I medaled in the Masters Class and my weight class! I especially want to thank you for teaching me the “nerve glide” exercise… I do a few glides and am able to get the pain under control and get back to play. Thanks again for everything!’


‘Thank you all for helping me with my knees. I have made great progress and enjoyed working with everyone! I hope to be riding my bike again soon!’


‘I just want to thank you for everything you did for me while I was under your care at Norwood Physical Therapy. You were amazing, very warm, kind, and incredibly patient repeatedly fixing me so that I could continue my stubborn running. Thank you so much again for everything! I will truly miss seeing you all and will always recommend you to all my friends.’